Sunday 29 June 2014

Our honeymoon @ the land of kimchi (Korea) for 13D12N below S$6000!

Short brief about us (Mr & Mrs Tam Chiam Meow).
We are official husband and wife on 1 Mar 14. Our honeymoon destination is set to be the land of kimchi(Korea) and a duration of 13days (3 Mar to 15 Mar 14)!
We decided to blog on our honeymoon as many of our friends are curious how we spent below S$6000 for a 13 days trip in korea. And it is inclusive of everything. Yes, everything! Inclusive of our accomodation, airfare, spending, etc. On top of that, we took SQ flight.
So now, be prepare for our long long post...

1st, air ticket. We booked SQ flight to korea. U must be thinking that it not going to be cheap and it will  at least costs us ard $2000~$3000. Yes, thats the usual price without promotion. But.....we bought our tickets at promotion rate, which only costs us $1284 for 2pax! And we don't need to top up for extra weight for checked in baggages (30kg allowances) and also meals on board. So compared to budget airlines, it going to be around the same prices after factor in all the miscellaneous fees. So why would we choose budget airlines over SQ? And most budget airlines will have at least 1 transit stop and duration at least 8.5hrs as compare to direct flight of 6.5hrs. Other than the flight to Korea, we also bought the air ticket to Jeju island, Gimpo airport to Jeju airport. We choose Jeju air , which costs us around S$180 for 2 pax.
Air ticket checked! 

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