Sunday 29 June 2014

Our honeymoon @ the land of kimchi (Korea) for 13D12N below S$6000!

Short brief about us (Mr & Mrs Tam Chiam Meow).
We are official husband and wife on 1 Mar 14. Our honeymoon destination is set to be the land of kimchi(Korea) and a duration of 13days (3 Mar to 15 Mar 14)!
We decided to blog on our honeymoon as many of our friends are curious how we spent below S$6000 for a 13 days trip in korea. And it is inclusive of everything. Yes, everything! Inclusive of our accomodation, airfare, spending, etc. On top of that, we took SQ flight.
So now, be prepare for our long long post...

1st, air ticket. We booked SQ flight to korea. U must be thinking that it not going to be cheap and it will  at least costs us ard $2000~$3000. Yes, thats the usual price without promotion. But.....we bought our tickets at promotion rate, which only costs us $1284 for 2pax! And we don't need to top up for extra weight for checked in baggages (30kg allowances) and also meals on board. So compared to budget airlines, it going to be around the same prices after factor in all the miscellaneous fees. So why would we choose budget airlines over SQ? And most budget airlines will have at least 1 transit stop and duration at least 8.5hrs as compare to direct flight of 6.5hrs. Other than the flight to Korea, we also bought the air ticket to Jeju island, Gimpo airport to Jeju airport. We choose Jeju air , which costs us around S$180 for 2 pax.
Air ticket checked! 

2nd, accomodation. If you ever been to korea, you will know that the hotel wouldn't be cheap, and especially in seoul. It will going to cost you around $150 per night for those standard stay in hotel. For our trip, we spend a night in seoul, 3 nights in jeju island, then the rest 8nights back in seoul. So if you do a quick maths, 12 nights x $150per night, it will costs us $1800!
But no.
1st night in seoul, we booked PJ hotel in seoul (address:73-1, Inhyun-dong 2ga, Jung-gu, Myeong-dong / Namsan, Seoul, South Korea) about 10-15mins walk to myeongdong shopping area. It costs us around $150.
For the 2nd night to 4th night in Jeju island, we stayed in 2 different hotel, December hotel and Little France Hotel. Both costs us around $50 per night.
The rest of the 8 nights, we chose to stay in a apartment opposite to seoul station, booked through airbnb, and it only costs us around $700 for 8nights after we asked for some discount (Kinda thick skin, hahahah!) from the nice and pretty landlord.
So in total, around $1,000 spent on 12 nights accommodation!

Next, Wifi. It pretty important to us, especially we are going on a Free & Easy without tour. So we took up the Unlimited 13days Wifi plan at Incheon Airport . There are a few service provider to choose from but the prices are all pretty similar. Its only cost us about $7/day, so around $90 for our stay there.

Lastly, Our spending. We exchange ard S$2,800, so around $2.3million won(Woohoo, we are millionaire!). We wanted to exchange more but that's the amount the money exchanger left at the moment and we only exchange like 9pm plus the night before we fly off? hahahah!

So, let us do a quick maths here.
Flight $1284 + $180 = $1,464
Accommodation         $1,000
Wifi                               $90
Spending                   $2,800
Total                         $5,354 (approx.)

So let's our 13D12N journey begins!

Day 1
Our flight is 8.05am.

Us while q-ing to checked in.

Another selfie of us while walking to the gate.

 Finally on the plane!

 Korea! Here we come!

 Our Lunch provide on board~

 What's more? It come with a dessert! Chocolate ice cream!

 And and and~ A surprise from the SQ crew! A complimentary cake and Champagne were served!
(Pretty and Kind-hearted air stewardess offer to help us take photos!)

Due to the surprise arrange by the SQ flight crew, we make friend with the couple sitting behind us, another newly wed couple (Mr & Mrs Lee) going for honeymoon too!

More surprise for us, Mr Meow's friend, Joel, become an air steward and just so coincident, we are serve by him! (Strike 4D or Toto also bo so zhun) And since we planned to stay in seoul a night before moving on to Jeju island, we arranged an dinner meet up together with him at myeongdong area.

Finally, we reached the land of kimchi! It's was only 8 degree! Brrrrr.....

 Taking the transit to the airport train station.

Mr Meow checking which is the station nearer to our hotel.

Finally us on the metro. It's about an hour plus journey to our hotel. From Incheon to Seoul station and then transit to another line.

Finally in our hotel! (We got a bit lost in locating our hotel as we exit the wrong exit. But thankfully, we met the helpful korean who direct us the way.)

 Masks provided by the Hotel. (Also to mentioned, there's bathtub)

King sized bed

After settle down at the hotel, we make our way to Myeongdong to meet Joel for dinner!

Yummy yummilious Korean BBQ for our 1st meal in Seoul. (No worries about language barrier. Most people in Myeongdong could speak Mandarin. I guess due to the huge Chinese tourist there?)

Us with Joel!

Some local snack Mr Meow bought to eat:

 Some cake. but there's a egg inside.

Sausage rolled with bacon.

After the dinner, we went for a walk around Myeongdong shopping area. And we saw, Hong Kong actor (dunno his name, opps!) and actress (Hu Xing Er)! But we are too shy to approach them to take a photo. 

We bought some strawberry, soju and milk. We didn't start our shopping (controlling ourselves hard) as we are heading to Jeju island and then back to Seoul (Our shopping mania!).

Since, it only 10-15mins walk to our hotel, we decide to walk back. But it was super freezing in the night. It was about 2 degree or even lower! (It was around 11pm or so)

The crazy us not forgetting to take selfie. heheh~

The Soju. Watched too much Korea drama, so i decided to give it a try and it's super cheap like S$1 only? (900won) But well, it taste like volka, didn't really like it. hahahah! 

 Big and super sweet strawberry at 5,000 won!

Mr Meow's cookie and cream milk and my banana milk!

~End of Day 1~

Day 2
Our plan for Day 2 is to Jeju island.

 Us making our way to Gimpo Airport.

 Checking in.

We then decide to have Lotteria(Their version of Mac) for Lunch.

Our lunch! (Its about the same pricing as what we eat in sg) 

 Trying to be localize. To clear off our mess.

 Gimpo airport. (didn't manage to take a lot of pictures)

Finally we reached Jeju island! We took a cab to our hotel as we tried to took a bus there but the bus driver we asked all say they do not go to our hotel there. (Well, we checked with the information counter regarding the bus number. Wonder if the bus driver do not understand us as people in Jeju, most of the people there only speak korean.)

Finally, we arrived at our hotel : December hotel! What we should mentioned about this hotel is that, not only it's cheap (Ard $50 per night), the room was pretty spacious and most importantly the receptionist can speak english! The receptionist is a very nice and helpful uncle.

Our room:
 Lotion, comb, etc...

 Queen sized bed

 cozy little corner

 Tv and hanger (no wardrobe but we don't have the need for it)

and~ Bathtub!

After settled down, we make our way to the famous Teddy bear museum!

It was raining, but we still remember to take a selfie while waiting for the bus.

 We took a express bus there which costs us 4,500 won per pax. (We got the direction from the help our receptionist. And he even write in korea on a piece of paper so that we could show to the bus driver of our destination)

Finally, we arrived at the Teddy bear mesuem! (Admission was about 10,000 won or so)

 Mr Meow imitating

 Oh no, what's Mr Meow doing?

Mr Meow: How much? 

A very small part of the photos we took:

The Famous teddy bear from the korea drama "Princess hours"

And guess... Who we met there?
So coincident, we bump into Mr & Mrs Lee! 
Mr & Mrs Lee rented a car in Jeju. And they asked us if we were interested to join them to go to the cave cafe. Of course, we were.
It was an hour plus journey to the cave cafe. It was very foggy on the mountain route. Totally impressed by Mrs Lee driving skill! (Cos their driving is totally opposite of ours and plus the bad weather condition, Mrs lee could still drive to the destination!)
But sadly, by the time we reached there (ard 7 plus), it was closed.
So we decide to get back to the city area to find food. All of us were extremely cold and hungry.
So we settled down at a restuarant that sell hot soup!

 What we ordered : Abalone Ginseng chicken soup (I think it only 13,000 won or so) and many side dishes as what we seen in the korea drama.

 Wooo~ piping hot Abalone ginseng chicken soup! Best for us in the cold weather.

A whole Abalone! 

Lastly, Our group photo taken!

~End of Day 2~

Day 3

 Our breakfast : ZaZang noodle, strawberry yogurt and milk.

Selfie before heading out.

We checked out of the hotel and left our luggages there and head out to another museum before we move to another hotel. We went to the Jeju Love Land.

Admission was 10,000won if i remember clearly.

Well, from this you will know what this museum is about. Yes, it is about human sexual organs in art form. So the photos taken is M18 and explained why we didn't upload much.

Us in the Love Land. Pretty interesting.

After the museum, we were hungry and decide to head for lunch. Mr Meow done some research of food that must try. So we board onto a Taxi. But.... Miscommunication between us and the driver!
End up, he brought us to some scenary places in Jeju.

 Us at the dragon head rock

One of the famous bridge

But he brought us to the wrong restaurant. So we eventually asked him drive us back to our hotel as the restaurant was around 15mins walk from the hotel. Cab fare was pretty scary. It costs us 30,000 over won and the driver even asked us for a 1,000won tips.

So we get the direction from the receptionist again. And walk to find the restaurant.

The restaurant. (A must try)

Mr Meow, while waiting our food to be served.

 Our food all served! Yummy yummy!

 Some sliced fish with cucumber and bean sprout.

 Seafood soup

Abalone again! Around 2-3 whole abalone.

 Spicy mackerel stew. A must eat.

Us feeling happy after a fulfilling meal. This meal costs us around 40,000 plus won.

After the meal, we are charged with energy to move on to the next hotel in seowipo.

 Mr Meow pulling our luggage to the bus stop

 Express bus to seowipo. About an hr journey.

Finally, we arrived at the Little France Hotel. It was pretty small as compared to the previous one. And no bathtub for Mr Meow. Hahaha! 

 The standard bed

Cozy little corner and fridge

 Lotion, hair dryer etc..

The bathroom

We rested awhile before heading out. We planned to go to a Waterfall which about 1~2km away by walk. Halfway our journey, it was about 6.30pm and the sky turned dark and the weather was freezing. So we gave up our plan. And just nice, there's a paris baguette cafe nearby. So we decide to take a rest there.

 paris baguette cafe (as you can see, the sky is real dark)

Brought some croissant (it was cheap over there, ard 900 won which is $1 plus) and hot drinks(sweet potato latte and hot chocolate)

After that, we went to their local market. But sadly, most stalls were closed. Not sure if it due to the cold weather. :/

 Us at the local market.

But nevertheless, we found some food!

Tteokbokki (Spicy rice cake)



Our dinner settled very cheaply for  about 5,000 won only!

On the way back, we saw this cute dog and a dog house.

~End of day 3~

Day 4
We decided to catch the sunrise over here since we are pretty near the seaside. So, we woke up super early to prepare to go out.

The "salted egg"

But Mr Meow had a even crazier idea : Walk to the seaside. (FYI: It was freezing, and there was almost nobody on the road except the crazy 2 of us. Even the local was wearing thick winter jacket, while us wearing something not even for winter.) But he was stopped by me as i was reluctant to walk so far in the cold weather. hahah! We went back to sleep more before head out for the rest of our journey of the day.
Due to the cold weather, we are pretty lazy and reluctant to go outside. So we engage a Taxi driver cum tour guide for 8 hrs service which was recommend by our friend.  The Taxi driver, Mr David kim, is able to speak english. So, no worry of Miscommunication (as i mentioned earlier on, Most people in Jeju only speak Korea and no more.) His charged was about 150,000 won for 8 hrs.( Yes, it was pretty expensive. It's almost S$200). But at our hotel lobby, we met a taiwanese lady who need our help for translation to the receptionist and later on asked to join us with our journey. And we agreed.

So 1st stop we went was to the Jeju Folk Museum (where some of the drama was shoot like Da Chang Jin,etc) which was recommend by the taiwanese lady.

Our breakfast before head out

Jeju Folk Museum (Admission was around 10,000won)

The four of us had our simple lunch in the bistro before the walk in museum. Ramen!
Inside the museum:

 Real moo moo!

 Us with the famous jeju statues.

 We are very lucky to see SAKURA! (By right it not the season for sakura yet, the season is around end mar to apr)

 Us in tradition Korea clothes. We manage to haggle to 40,000 won for 3 pax with the help of the taiwanese lady.

 Does he look like the king in drama?

 The taiwanese lady 

How do we look?

Naughty Mr Meow was punished!

To conclude, this was the most worth museum that we went as we spent about 3 hrs plus there to see most of the things in the museum.

Along the way to our next destination, Mr David Kim brought us to see the real gate and tradition korea  housing.

Our next destination : Trick Art Museum!
 Admission fee was around 12,000 won

Our very nice driver cum taxi driver offer the help to take photo for us!

We had a lot of fun in this museum:

 Yes, we are that crazy enough to eat ice cream in the cold weather. It was super nice!

 The outdoor part of the museum. A Small zoo.

After the Trick Art Museum, we decide to head for dinner. As usual, Mr Meow did research and we showed the address to Mr David Kim.

 The restaurant

 Abalone porridge full of abalone! Nice!

 Seafood soup

Bbq pork belly!

Lots of side dishes served as usual.

~End of Day 4~

Day 5
We need to go back to Seoul to start our shopping mania, while the Taiwanese lady need to go back to Shanghai for her work (She working in Shanghai as a designer). So, we engaged Mr David Kim's service again!

Along the way from Seowipo to Jeju, we are so lucky that we see snow. Yes, SNOW! By right, there shouldn't be snowing anymore. 
1st time in our live to see REAL SNOW and feel it.
But it was real cold. Brrr...

And along the way, he brought us to the mysterious road! (Why is it called mysterious road as the road seem to be a upward slope, but on a neutral gear, the car moved upward)

Finally we reached Jeju airport, after checked in, we decided to tried lotteria again.

 The fried chicken were nice!

 Going back to Seoul

 Bye Jeju! Will be back again!

 1st thing back in Seoul we brought the Metro card. 
And i guess Mr Meow have the charm to girls? He got free lollipops from the saleslady at 7 eleven.

How cool is that? Free wifi in metro!

Our apartment is just opposite to Seoul station. A very convenient place. And we loved it very much!(although there's no bathtub for Mr Meow). Total of 2 queen sized bed, a mini kitchen cum laundry place and a toilet. Small and cozy~

And the apartment was near to Lotte mart! So, after settled down, we went over to buy our dinner and some necessities.
 Yes, as usual, we bought a lot of things!

Muscular Mr Meow does the carrying. hehehe~

 Our dinner.

 Fresh sushi at only 7,000 won which is only around $8 plus

 Tteokbokki (Spicy rice cake)

After resting, we head out to Dongdeamun to shop!

The crazy us taking selfie in 0 degree.

~End of Day 5~

Day 6

 Our outfit. The coat was bought by Mr Meow the night before from Dongdaemun shopping! We managed to haggle for discount with the lady boss although the item was already on sale. Think it around 50,000won

The Zzazang noodle shop (from our apartment exit turn right)

 We went for our breakfast cum lunch as reccommend by our landlord.  But we order wrongly, instead of zazzang noodle,it become zazzang rice. But the taste was nice! And, it only 3,500won!

 Unlimited side dishes to eat as usual

 After the meal, we walked to namdaemum. Pretty near to our apartment too. About 15mins walk. 


 Along the way, we bought comestic and skincare products too! And spend about 400,000₩ solely, which is $400plus!  But totally happy with our loots! Mr meow was checking GPS for the route to our next destination.

Of cos, we snacked too!

 Hello kitty cafe! Where we arranged to meetup with Mr & Mrs Lee!

 As usual. Our selfie!

Inside the cafe:

 Our hot hot drinks!

Our brunch.

Hmmm... the concept in korea and taiwan is pretty different. For taiwan, there will be a minimum required spending amount and what they served are meals and dessert. And there will also be cute waitress serving you. But not in korea, it really a cafe to relax and chill. 

After that, we went to sourced for street food. But do mind that street food will actually cost more than a meal, as you tend to eat more variaties. And each snacks will costs you about 2000₩ to 5000₩. No photos were taken as we are too hungry. Opps!

Our loots for the day~

~End of Day 6~

Day 7

We had our breakfast cum lunch at one of the restaurant at the seoul station before heading to our destination.
 Soba & tempura set meal (around 8000 won)

 Pork cutler set (around 8,000won)

Then we headed to our destination : GeokdeoGoong. There are around 3 palaces in Seoul. But more or less they are of the same. Admission is about 3000won.

 The palace entrance

 Guards. (feeling pity for them as it really cold and they not wearing any thick clothes.)

 The main hall

 A museum in the palace. Need to pay another admission fee though.

Us taking selfie again! hehehe! 

Pine tree

After that, we decide to continue oue shopping mania! This time to Ehwa Woman Univerity!

 Ehwa Woman Univerity

Mr Meow Snacking again.  

Takoyaki 15pieces at 5,000 won only

Mr Meow wanted to get this huge backpack but was stopped by me. (It was around 20,000 won) 

With all our loots and as usual carry jobs is done by Muscular Meow!

Our Loots for the day!

After some rest at our cozy apartment, we decided to go somewhere nearby for our dinner, we asked our landlord for some food choice.  

 The side dishes

 Kimchi Stew, nice for a cold day~ (costs us about 24,000 won)

Mr Meow staring at the food, can't wait to feast!

~End of Day 7~

Day 8 

Thinking to go Everland or Lotte world. In the end, we went to Lotte world cause the weather is getting colder each day while we are there.  Typically less than 10 degree celsius everyday! (By right, the weather should be 15-20 degree celsius). We reached there around 12 pm, and luckily not much crowd. but sad thing is the lotte shopping area was closed on that day. Means no shopping. :'(

Our admission ticket! It's 44000 won (ard S$50) 

The indoor park 

Yes, we arranged to go together with Mr & Mrs Lee again!

 Us (selfie) again. As you can see indoor was much okay, we don't need to wear the thick thick coat.

We went around to take some of indoor rides first (but no photos taken). Then we feel hungry! So went to the food court for our lunch!

Mr Meow's pork cutler with udon. 

Mine - Kimchi udon 

As usual, there are sides (unlimited).

After lunch, we went to the outdoor to play!

As you can see, it pretty cold. regardless the thick thick coat we wore, we still feeling coldness.


 Mr Meow was hungry again, and there he go to get some snack!

We left Lotte world around 5pm plus. We invited Mr & Mrs Lee over to our apartment to have dinner together. We agreed to have Zzazang Noodles, Fried chicken & beer for dinner, and to eat like a korean! We managed to order the famous kyochan chicken with the help of our nice and pretty landlady!

 Us with the food!

 Kyochan chicken (non-spicy). Ard 15,000 won

  Kyochan chicken (spicy). Ard 15,000 won

 And of course, with their beer!

 Zzazang Noodles! (3500won)

The portion of the chicken definitely worth the price. As all of us, were already full when we only ate both half the box of chicken. And we try our very best to stuff the rest. Hahaha!

And we had prepared a little surprise for Mrs Lee.  

We bought her a cake to celebrate her birthday in advance!

~End of Day 8~

Day 9

Mr Meow was down with cold due to the coldness and his ai swee (he only wore a long sleeve plus the coat regardless i asked him to put on more clothes. I am wearing around 4 layers, and he only 2 layers).
We went for lunch at the seoul station then went for a bit shopping at MyeongDong. But Mr Meow's condition wasn't really good so we went back to apartment for him to have some rest as we have a appointment with someone special at night. We even went to Lotte mart to buy vitamin C and Yuzu tea for his cold.
After some rest, we head out for our appointment.

Yuzu tea for Mr Meow!

  The sick Mr meow with the warm Yuzu tea i made for him.

Who is that someone special? They are my Korean Appa아빠 and Eomma 엄마! It actually a very special fate! The first time we met Eomma is at the boarding area on Day 1. Jus a question, and we become really close. She asked me regarding how to connect wifi at the boarding area. (But Singapore really need to improve on this wifi thing. For people to access, they need to get password from the counter. Although it free wifi. Zzzzz. In other countries, free wifi is really free where you don't even need a password for that.)
Finally meet with Appa아빠 and Eomma 엄마! And they bought us out to restaurant for dinner!

Us with Appa아빠 and Eomma 엄마! Can you guess their age?

They treated us to Korea Beef BBQ! And Appa아빠 was doing the BBQ was us, super paiseh! (For those who know me, i don't take beef in Singapore as i will get diarrhea.) But the beef was really Super! It's their grade A korea cow. Even eating it raw was so soft that doesn't require much chewing!

 Traditional Korean BBQ with lots of sides! (And miracle, Mr meow's appetite is back and feel more better with this sumptuous meal!) 

Cold noodles (Need to eat the egg first before the noodles so as to protect the stomach)

The meal came to around 100,000won plus.
After dinner we went to their house for some tea and a little chit chat.

 The kitchen area. Spacious!


  엄마 Eomma's garden at the balcony!

엄마 Eomma give us a big bottle of the yuzu tea she handmade!

After that, they offered to drive us back to our apartment. Drowned with overload happiness! 幸福死了!
 ~End of Day 9~

Day 10

We arranged to go Nami island together with Mr & Mrs Lee. We went there by taking a  shuttle bus. It's 23000won for round trip bus ride and include the entry ticket to namiseom. (Guide of the Shuttle bus: 
(Here the guide on how to go nami-seom: )

 Us on the bus! (And can see Mr meow putting on more clothes!Hahahaha!)

 On the ferry.

 And we finally reached nami-seom. Where many drama were shoot here. (for instance like winter sonata)


 Look! Squirrel!

Merlion! That represent our singapore!  (Think there's some friendship campaign going on so there are things represent different country)


 Real Igloo! (Mr meow's cold got worse again as nami-seom was even colder than seoul)

 Look! What's is peeking on the tree?

 Some warmness!

And it's lunch time again! Of course we went to try the must try bento!

 Kimchi pancake 

 Seafood Pancake

 The famous bento!

 Shake shake shake to mix well!

 Tradition way to steam buns. 1 at 1000won

 red bean bun. Very soft~

Due to Mr meow's cold worsen, after nami-seom, we went back to our apartment for him to rest.

~End of Day 10~

Day 11

Days passes too fast. And it's the last 3 days in korea yet we still have some many things wanted to do. (But can't as Mr meow was down with cold and still not recovering.)
Our best choice of lunch, most of the time were settled at the restaurant at Seoul station.

Mine - spicy tofu soup (ard 8000won)

 Mr meow's Seafood soup(ard 9000won)

After lunch, we went to our destination today! Jjimjibang! (Korean Bathhouse) We choose to go a more high end one as it recommend by Mr's meow korean colleague. As it would less messy and less crowded. It locate only beside Yongsan station. Very convinent.(

Dragon Hill spa

 The token for our locker and whereby any purchase could be made with it. Admission was about 11,000won. there's also swimming pool and spa but we did not bring along our swim suits but you could buy the swim suit at the changing room there.

 Lifts to the changing room.

 The arcade area

 The common area.


 We bought drink and eggs to try jus like in the korea drama.

 The meh-meh head i helped Mr Meow to fold.

 Crack the egg using his iron head.
(imitating korea drama!)

And me in meh-meh head too!

We spent 2~3 hrs there and tried out the different sauna room. But not even a drop of sweat even we went into the hottest salt room of 42 degree. Only felt we like we were back to Singapore. Hahaah! but others were sweating like running tap, guess our body are too use to the warm weather we have. But going to the bathhouse was a Wow and culture shock experiences to us. In the changing area, people change their clothes very openly, just at the lockers' area. No changing room at all (I went to toilet to change as i too shy) And they could walk around the changing area naked feeling freely. 

After that, we went back to rest before heading out for dinner as which recommend by our landlady.

 Fried black chicken which are the trend. (15000won)

 Mr meow staring at the food. Was wow by the portion again. 
(he only ate 2 pieces and i ate like 6 pieces)

Clam soup

Many many clams!

After that we went around the area to shop.

~End of day 11~

Day 12

Oh no! It's already the 2nd last day here. But there so many foods i wanted to try but time is running out!

Of course, we would not missed out their Ginseng chicken soup! And we of course went to the famous one!
 We were there pretty early but there are already queue.

 The menu.


 Mr Meow Ginseng black chicken soup.

Stuffed with a lot of ingredients!

After that we went to the ehwa women university to continue shopping. Then night we went to Dongdeamum wholesales shopping area to do our last minute shopping.
And get our luggage packed.

~End of Day 12~ 

Day 13

It's a day to back to reality. ;(
We get to Incheon airport through the express train. Seoul station is really very convenient!
With a worry heart that our luggage might overweight, we checked in. (Our luggage were only around 16 kg when we depart to korea.)

56kg! 40kg of loots! 

 Tax refund which used to eat our lunch. It's pretty troublesome to get the tax refund.
First, when purchase at the retail shop, you have to ask the staff to do the tax refund receipt for you.
Next, when arrive at airport before check in luggage, you have to get the tax refund receipt "certified".
lastly, after checked-in, go to the tax refund counter to get refund.(there are 2 different kind of VAT counters)

 My abalone porridge. But prefer the one at Jeju-island.

Mr meow's ramen. 

Our flight meal:

 Ice cream~

 Mr Meow's parent came to fetch us. Feel Loved!

My 20 kg food loots luggage!

~End of honeymoon~

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