Sunday 26 July 2015

Mr Meow's Bento #3

Mr Meow's bento, i will prepare based on weather and also where Mr Meow will take his lunch.
If he out of office, i will try to prepare food that does not require any heating up and easy to carry with.
On hot weather i will try to pack him something that is light. crunchy and refreshing.
Here is one of it: 
One jar noodle - salad soba
My idea is from those popular office lunch nowadays - salad bar. Whereby you can choose brown rice or soba as base and add on other toppings such as corn, egg, bean curd, chicken breast meat , teriyaki chicken and etc, and with varieties choice of sauces such as sesame soy sauce, sesame sauce, etc. But it would costs us at least $5.

BUT we could simply prepare all these within 15 mins and definitely less than $5.

For this soba salad i used:
1/4 carrot (shredded/thinly sliced)
1/4 cucumber (shredded/thinly sliced but without the seed part)
2 slice of baby honey ham - cut into stripe
1 bunch of soba (follow instruction on the packaging)
Just place all into the jar! and it ready to serve cold with sauce! (Sauce i used here is sesame sauce.)
Hope you enjoy this simple meal as fatclay does!

And of cause you make changes to your taste, like adding egg for more fulling lunch or sliced fresh button mushroom for mushroom lovers, shredded chicken breast meat for a healthier choice, and many more!

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