Monday 1 June 2015

Biggest Lok Lok stall! K K Lok Lok!

After seeing and hearing so many good reviews of K K Lok Lok. We decide to go there and try it! Yes indeed this was the biggest lok lok stall we came across.

 Wow so many varieties!

They have 2 lorries and a huge table of lok lok varieties.

 There are 3 ways which you can cook your lok lok
1) BBQ 2) Deep fried 3) Boil
But as for us, we decided to have all deep fried! ops so unhealthy.

 There are 3 kind of satay sauce, non spicy and the other 2 are spicy,

 The lok lok stick cost from as low as $1.60 to as high as $10+. As for us we got 20 sticks which cost us around $70RM. Luckily we didn't go for all the $10+ sticks if not we gonna be broke.
Happy faces after having a satisfying lok lok! I will say the lok lok here is quite average which you can get from any other lok lok stalls but if you are going for varieties, here is definitely a place not to be missed as they have around 360different kinds of lok lok!

Location: KK LokLok, 48 Jalan Pingai, 80400 Plentong, Malaysia (Near Palangi Leisure Mall)
It cost about $10RM to cab here from custom/city square
Operating Hours : Everyday 10.00pm to 4.30am (except Wednesday)

You can also find them on their facebook page below

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