Tuesday 9 June 2015

Haagen Dazs Cake! Improved 2 ingredients only cake to 4 ingredients

Below is the improved recipe of the Easiest Cake Recipe - Only need 2 ingredients
The improved recipe is a lot more delicious & spongy!


Improved ingredients
- 100g Ice Cream (ratio 2 ice cream:1 flour)*
- 50g Self Raising Flour (ratio 2 ice cream:1 flour)*
- 2 Small Eggs (about 100g)
- 50g Sugar

*Do note the Ice Cream & Flour ratio depends on the brand & flavour of the ice cream you use. As for Nestle chocolate ice cream the ratio is 3:1 to achieve the semi wet kind of texture similar to those cake mix texture but as for Haagen Dazs its more watery which require me to add more flour to achieve the same texture.

All ingredients

Step 1) Add flour to melted ice cream (I used the Haagen Dazs ice cream container as the mold to reduce washing and to make the recipe steps easier)

 Result of using ratio 3:1 (3ice cream:1flour)

Add more flour to achieve ratio 2:1 (2ice cream:1flour)

Step 2) Get a big bowl and beat the egg

 Step 3) Add sugar into egg and beat until fluffy

Now the sugar & egg mixture is fluffy

Step 4) Fold in the sugar & egg mixture into the Haagen Dazs mold that have the ice cream & flour mixture.

 Well mixed

Step 5) Preheat oven and bake it at 180 degree celsius for 20-25minutes

 Step 6) Remove from oven and let it cool for 10-15minutes

Taking out the cake from Haagen Dazs Mold

Step 7) Its ready to serve and eat! With the improved recipe, now its like sponge cake with Haagen Dazs taste. 

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