Tuesday 7 July 2015

S$20 Men's Fashion from Korea

Korea is a place where you can buy cheap, good quality and fashionable clothing. Yes I'm not kidding its not only good quality and fashionable but cheap too!

Can you guess how much it cost for the shirt and pants above? Its only S$20. Further more this is not the cheapest set I got, there are cheaper sets which I got for less than S$15.

What I love so much about clothes made in Korea is that it fit nicely on a normal Asian body like mine. I do not need to purposely go alter my clothes or pants. Further more they have a range of designs and colour for you to choose.

Do I look like a Korean wearing clothes made in Korea? haha.. 

I got most of the clothes from Dongdaemun Market, one of the major markets in Korea. Specializing in wholesale and local made clothing. Yes made in Korea clothes and accessories that is good quality. But if you are looking for even cheaper clothes & accessories this may not be the place as there are market in Korea which sell made in China goods that are even cheaper than Korean goods.

The shopping malls here usually open at about 8 pm and close at 8 am or 5 pm the next day for the convenience of wholesalers. The peak time comes late at night through early morning.

This is the stalls where I buy 3 pants that each cost less than S$10. The reason why its so cheap its because its so call off fashion but its still look fashionable and nice to me. If without it being off fashion it will cost S$10+ to S20+.

Another stalls which I bought some of my pants. Cost from S$10+ to S$20+ depends on the design and trend at that time.

3 slim cut formal shirts that cost about S$10 each :D

3 pants below S$10 each, 3 pants $20+ each and 2 shirts $6 each. All made in Korea!

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