Sunday 19 July 2015

Men's Beauty (Facial for a better complexion and look younger)

Since not many men are doing this and not many information on men's doing facial. I'm writing a post on facial hoping it will help the men to understand more about facial as facial is one of the best ways you can take care of your skin.

My before and after photo after facial. Just to let you know, facial is not a miracle treatment which give you instant youthful or good complexion immediately. What it does is to cleans, exfoliates and nourishes the skin, promoting a clear, well-hydrated complexion. It will take sometime before your complexion gets better and look younger.

First you will need to find a shop or beautician with certified aesthetician that does men's facial as not all beautician takes men customer. As for me I managed to find one through friend.

 Face Sanctuary which is a registered company in Singapore and its near my place


Below are usually the steps when you do your first facial
1) Consultation
The beautician look at my skin, asked me if I have any allergics and what are the treatments available and suitable for my skin before starting the treatment.

 Looking at my skin to find the best treatment to recommend me

2) Cleansing
Wrapping my hair with a towel and start cleansing my face.
  Doing a selfie after my beautician wrap my hair

3) Exfoliation and extractions
 This is also the time she will extract your blackheads and whiteheads or pimples if you have any. Depends on your tolerance to pain, sometimes extraction can be painful but for the sick of having a better skin you must endure! After the extractions there will be tiny red marks or scars from your blackheads and whiteheads or pimples if you have any. But the red marks or scars will fade off in days to give you a smoother skin instead of staying in your skin which may cause rough skin like orange texture skin.
My messy messy hair after extractions!
Surprisingly after my extractions, I don't see obvious red marks or scar. During the extraction process is not that painful too. Understand from Mandy the beautician, she try to use her fingers instead of equipment so that she can better gauge the strength needed for extractions and it is also less damaging to your skin. Before this session I did tried before facial at another 2 skin care salon, I feel her experience and the way she do it seems better.

4) Facial massage
This is to help you relax and stimulate your skin and facial muscles which can help you in slimming your face too!
After she massage one side of my face, you can see one of the side is slimmer than the other. Wow if I will do keep doing face massage I gonna become slim clay soon.

5) Facial Mask
This mask will further help to moisturise, tighter my pores and reduce the red marks from extractions.
  I look ever scarier now! Fat Clay Monster!
After the mask harden, she removed the mask. Wow first time see such perfect mask after removal

6) Final application
Now she apply some serums, moisturizer and sunscreen etc before I can head back home.
End of facial! I feel my skin seems more lively with little red marks and I'm still able to go out after my facial.
As for most people, they will hide themselves after facial for a day or so to wait for their red marks from extractions to recover but for me I must say this is a well done by beautician Mandy without leaving obvious red marks on my face.
Days after your facial you should have nice and flawless skin :D

Below is the Skin care salon and beautician for my facial.

Mandy Ow from Face Sanctuary

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