Saturday 23 January 2016

Beyond Plate Picnic Basket

Beyond Plate provide picnic baskets to events, homes or any place that bring you an unforgettable culinary experience. - Picnic Basket

But now, they are currently operating at Stirling Bar & Grill on weekends together with The Nomad.
Stirling Bar & Grill Address - 15 Cheong Chin Nam Road (Shop Houses) - (S)599739

Stirling Bar & Grill
Beyond plate serves not so main stream western food in their own style which make me fall in love with their food. - Picnic Basket

Bagels with herbed cream cheese and Smoke Salmon with arugula salad
Taste really good. Love the taste when you trying to stuff all ingredients in one mouth like a burger. - Picnic Basket

 Fatclay trying to stuff all ingredients in one mouth like a burger - Picnic Basket

Salted egg yolk with butter popcorn ice cream French Toast
The butter popcorn Ice Cream combine with salted egg yolk was quite unique and worth trying. - Picnic Basket

Salted egg wings with curry leaves and chilli padiThis is our all time favourite. Chicken wing mixed with our local ingredients which created our very own local fried chicken! Its definitely comparable to any other wings around the world. - Picnic Basket

Food Menu

There are just so many food we love to try but our stomach is just so limited to contain them all.

Currently, The Nomad have collaboration together with Beyond Plate on weekends in Stirling Bar & Grill on weekends as well as any other day when you feel like having a picnic basket at home, at work or with friends at any location. Which Beyond Plate be in charge of the food like brunch(main dishes, toast and sides) and The Nomad in charge of the drinks(Cold Brew Coffee and other unique drinks). I feel it is really a perfect combination where one focus on serving the best food and the other focus on serving the best drink.

The Nomad - mobile cafe

We strongly recommend you to try out both The Nomad and Beyond the plate if you are considering of where to go on a weekend and are bore of those cafes that you have been repeatedly visiting and are seeking for something new and special.
Their foods and drinks definitely will not disappoint you. 

What's more? The Nomad and Beyond the plate, also do offer picnic basket or events like wedding, company lunch, etc.
So if you or your company is looking for a change, rather then the usual buffet catering, we highly recommend you to consider them.

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