Wednesday 13 January 2021

Duck Confit Recipe


Duck Confit
Step by step unedited recipe video
- 2 Duck Legs
- 200g Sea Salt
- 100g Brown Sugar
- 8g Orange Skin
- 200g Duck Oil(or vegetable oil)
- 8g Cinnamon
- 8g Thyme
- 8g Rosemary
Steps to Cook
1. Combine salt, brown sugar & Orange Skin in a bowl and mix well.
2. Rub duck with above mixture and marinate for 2-3hours.
3. Wash away the mixture and dry the duck.
4. Put the day into duck oil, cinnamon, thyme & rosemary to slow cook it at around 100degree Celsius for 2-3hours(or oven it at around this temperature at 2-3hours too)
5. Take out the duck and pan fry or oven it at 200 degree Celsius till skin crispy.
6. Pair your duck with salad or fruits.
7. Enjoy your duck confit!

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