Wednesday 15 April 2015

Take Singapore Airline and spent less than S$1500 for 10days in Korea

Yes! You can easily spent less than 1.5K by taking Singapore Airlines and inclusive of accommodation, transport, food and entertainment!
We decided to blog about our Korea trip again as many of our friends are still curious about how we can spent below this amount while we seems to spend a lot when going Korea. So this time round we decided to go more detail on our spending.

So, let us do a quick maths here.
1) Flight                          $642.10
2) Accommodation           $354.96
3) Wifi                             $40.39
4) Transport                   $45.29
5) Food & Drinks             $259.57
6) Entertainment            $105.88
Total                             $1,448.19
And below is our very long story and detail breakdown of every item.

1) Air Ticket
When going for long flight such as Korea, we always prefer to take direct flight and go for better airlines. As direct flight allow us to spend more time enjoying ourselves in Korea and the hassle of transiting. You must be thinking it is not going to be cheap but we feel for the time we saved, better service, food and beverage we enjoyed on the plane and 30kg of baggage is totally worth taking better airline than budget or transiting airline.

There are many timings you can choose to fly to Seoul and back to Singapore

Mr Meow seafood meal

 Mrs Meow chicken meal

Magnum Ice Cream!

Earlier when we booked the flight, we indicated that this is our wedding anniversary trip and very kind of Singapore Airline to prepare champagne, chocolate mousse cake, anniversary card and poker card as gifts for us.

Airline: Singapore Airline
Cost: SGD$642

Yes it only cost us $642 per ticket! You can actually get this range $600+ air ticket price quite easily even during festival season if you book early or wait for promotion.

You can see from the printscreen, the price for festival season Christmas & New year period is only $686.80.

2) Accommodation
Accommodation in Seoul are quite reasonable and much cheaper if you will to stay in other Korea city such as Busan or Jeju.We didn't choose to stay in guest house and hotel was because we wanted our stay there to feels more like home and more privacy.

We booked a apartment which is in the heart of Shopping area in Dongdaemun so that we are able to shop 24Hours!

Cost: SGD$36 per day per person (Korean Won 580,000 = SGD709 for 10nights)

For accommodation, I will prefer the other apartment which we stayed in 2014 although it is slightly more expensive $80 per night for 2 person but it it bigger with 2 queen size beds and 2 storeys.

You may refer to my post Korea 2014 Honeymoon
or can go find them at

3) Wifi
Cost: SGD$40.39 for per person (Korean Won 66,000 = SGD$80.78 for days)
4) Transport
In Seoul its very convenient travel around. You can travel by subway, bus, taxi or rail, As for Taxi its quite reasonable, its about the same price or slightly cheaper compare to Singapore taxi charges without peak hours charge. As for us majority of the time we travel by subway as we find it more convenient & cheaper.
It only cost us per person less than 4000 won(SGD$5) through and flow to apartment or airport but if you will to take rail or bus it will cost you about SGD$10.

If you are traveling a lot on certain days you may consider to purchase their day pass which start from 10,000won. Seoul Subway

Transportation Method: Taxi & Subway
Cost: SGD$4.6 per day per person (TMoney card for 6,000won, Tcard top up 60,000won & Taxi one time 8,000won. Total 74,000won = SGD$90.58)

5) Food & Beverage
As you see how fat am I Mr Meow. I cannot resist whenever I see good food, which have cause me to gained 3KG! Let me start from our most expensive meal to cheapest meal we have.

Most expensive: Rank 1 - Tosokchon Ginseng Chicken
Price:  SGD$23 per person (2 bowls of white chicken & 2bowls of black chicken 74,000won = SGD90)
Nearest Subway Station: Gyeongbokgung
Location: 5, Jahamun-ro 5-gil, Jongno-gu, Seoul 서울 종로구 자하문로5길 5 (체부동)

 Here come our most expensive meal!
 We actually queue for 40mins!
 Price List
 Ginseng White Chicken 15,000won
 Ginseng Black Chicken 22,000won
Guess what? Mr Meow happened to meet his secondary friend in Korea!
Usually for me Mr Meow I don't like to drink soup but surprisingly for this I'm able to finish one bowl by myself. Definitely one of the best Ginseng chicken soup we ever eaten that explain the long queue but just that it is a bit pricey. We actually went to this place twice during our trip. If you happen to be traveling to Jeju or Busan, you may consider to find other places which sell ginseng chicken as it is almost half or 2/3 the price you get here with a lot more ingredients, bigger portion and even with abalone!

Most expensive: Rank 2 - Pal Saik
Price:  SGD$19 per person (30,000won = SGD36.72)
Nearest Subway Station: Sinchon
Location: 18, Baekbeom-ro, Mapo-gu, Seoul
서울특별시 마포구 백범로 18 (노고산동)

Seafood soup with crab!

The staffs will help you to bbq

 It is meant to be eaten in sequence, from left-to-right for maximum tingling of the taste buds. You can really taste the different unique flavors which I cannot find locally and its definitely nicer than the Korean BBQ you can find in Singapore. Perhaps one of the reason is the meat here are more fresh.

Most expensive: Rank 3 - Yoogane
Price:  SGD$15 per person (23,000won = SGD28.15)
Nearest Subway Station: Myeongdong
Location: 3-1 Myeong-dong 2-ga, Jung-gu, Seoul

Didn't expect it to be so big!
This is definitely a must try for CHEESE LOVERS! Just imagine dipping the meat and vegetables around the cheese, it just delicious!

Most expensive: Rank 4 - Jinokhwa Halmae Wonjo Dakhanmari
Price:  SGD$13 per person (20,000won = SGD24.48)

Most expensive: Rank 5 - Kyochon Chicken
Price:  SGD$12 per person (18,000won = SGD22.03)

Most expensive: Rank 6 - Nolboo Army stew
Price:  SGD$11 per person (18,000won = SGD21.72)

Most expensive: Rank 7 - Yudduk
Price:  SGD$11 per person (17,000won = SGD20.81)


Most expensive: Rank 8 - Dabok
Price:  SGD$10 per person (15,000won = SGD18.36)

Most expensive: Rank 9 - Lotteria
Price:  SGD$9 per person (14,000won = SGD17.14)

Most expensive: Rank 10 - Gwangjang Market
Price:  SGD$9 per person (14,000won = SGD17.14)


Most expensive: Rank 11 - Burger Cafe
Price:  SGD$9 per person (14,000won = SGD17.14)

Most expensive: Rank 12 - Sheep Cafe
Price:  SGD$7 per person (11,000won = SGD13.46)

 Most expensive: Rank 13 - A Twosomeplace by 51K
Price:  SGD$7 per person (11,000won = SGD13.46)

 Most expensive: Rank 14 - Starbucks
Price:  SGD$7 per person (10,000won = SGD12.24)

Most expensive: Rank 15 - Paris Baguette
Price:  SGD$11.27 per person (9,200won = SGD11.27)

Most expensive: Rank 16 - Dunkin Donut
Price:  SGD$6 per person (9,000won = SGD11.02)

 Most expensive: Rank 17 - Zhajiangmian
Price:  SGD$5 per person (8,000won = SGD9.79)

 Most expensive: Rank 18 - Mcdonalds
Price:  SGD$4.30 per person (7,000won = SGD8.57)

Others: Street Snacks, Lotte Mart 

Food & Beverage
Cost: SGD$26 per day per person (Food & Beverage for 2 person 424,140won = SGD$519.14)

Incomplete Post, Stay tune for the complete post.

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