Sunday 1 March 2015

$21 Pan Pacific Marina Staycation to celebrate 1st Anniversary & Chingay

We are fortunate to be able to celebrate our 1st wedding anniversary at Pan Pacific Marina with a staycation! Thanks to Hotelquickly, we booked the room for only SGD$21. If not because of this apps, we will not have the chance to experience this wonderful stay and celebration at Pan Pacific.

If you are looking for good deal for hotels this is definately one of the apps to consider as they will refund you the difference twice if you can find the same room which is cheaper than the app.
As for me I was able to book the rooms for only SGD$21 was because of the credits I unknowingly earned.

Below are a few ways you can earn credits to earn a almost free staycation

1) Redeem my code "CCHUA46" or your friends code for SGD$30 only works for first entry.

2) Share your code on apps store/google play/ samsung store which you can earn SGD$2 for every friend redeem and SGD$30 when they booked a room. I find this the most effective ways as most of my credits are earned from here.

3) Share your code on different social media/platform (eg. facebook, twitter or forum) which you can earn the same amount as per point 2 and additional $2 every month if you share on facebook & twitter.

4) Visit hotelquicky page as they give out free credits at times.

5) After your first booking you will get 4% discount credits for your next booking.

As for me after I downloaded the apps, I just try my luck by posting my redeem code on apple apps store review and end up within this few months my code have been redeemed many times which earned me nearly SGD300 credits. Even without the invite codes vouchers, the prices using this app is roughly 30-50 cheaper compare to agoda/expedia.


Pan Pacific Marina rooms are much more expensive compare to the other 5 stars hotel which I'm able to book 2 nights for about the same price. Despite been more expensive, I have no regret choosing it as we did enjoy the room and service as the staffs of Pan Pacific is really helpful.

Guess what? The staff wanted to walk us to our room!? For such a big hotel its definitely a plus point if the hotel staff can show you your room. Here is our room Harbour Studio location at level 31. Wow the room is big and beautiful!

Harbour Studio is not only is big and beautiful but it also have a nice view towards the city and floating platform.
We are actually being given the options to upgrade to Pacific club to enjoy the privileges for $90++ per pax to enjoy the below but sadly we do not have the time to do so as we are heading to Chingay 2015.
Champagne breakfast at Pacific Club or buffet breakfast at Edge, from 6:00am to 11:00am or in-room dining breakfast at your leisure
Afternoon tea from 3:00pm to 5:00pm
Sunset cocktails and canapés from 6:00pm to 8:00pm
24-hour club service
Late check-out until 2:00pm
Use of Pacific Club private dining rooms with prior reservation
50% savings on secretarial services at the Pacific Centre
Guests above the age of 12 years old are welcome at Pacific Club
On top of being able to get cheap hotel room rates from hotelquickly & staying at Pan Pacific marina. We are lucky enough to also get free tickets to Chingay won by my sister Jenny from People's Association! The tickets given by People's Association to us actually grant us the privileges to walk around take photos/videos and tour by PA's staffs around to understand more about Chingay even before the event started.

 More Chingay 2015 photos!

Chingay finale fireworks!

After our Chingay event, we head back to Pan Pacific, guess what? The staffs there actually got us an anniversary cake just to satisfy our hunger and celebrate our wedding anniversary at this hour 11+pm. On top of all these things, Pan Pacific is also kind enough to extend our check out timing for us to enjoy their facilities. If given a chance, we definitely will like to stay at Pan Pacific again to enjoy and review their other rooms.

Thanks Hotelquickly, Pan Pacific and People's Association(Chingay 2015) for making our 1st Anniversary so wonderful!

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