Saturday 13 June 2015

$2.50 Chicken Rice with Yong Tou Fu Soup - Tian Shui Chicken Rice atTanglin Halt Market

I'm With the high standard of living in Singapore, its becoming rare to find a plate of chicken rice for only $2.50. But this stall here at Tanglin Halt Market not only sell a plate of chicken rice at a cheap price but it is also delicious which comes with a Yong Tou Fu soup without the ingredients!

 Wow! This chicken rice stall has many articles by different publications!

Their price list

$5 for this plate of chicken and 2 plates of rice. If your choose for chicken breast only or mainly chicken breast it will cost you $2.50 for one person portion instead of $3.00 as most chicken rice lovers will not choose chicken breast as its meat is not as tender as the other chicken parts. The chicken meat comes with thick oyster sauce which make it more flavourful.

$2.50 Yong Tou Fu soup with the ingredient

$7.50 for a satisfying and fulling meal

 You can also find cheap drinks in the market which starts from $0.60 for a small cup of soya milk, grass jelly drink. We got the large one which cost $1.00.

Location: Tian Shui Chicken Rice Tanglin Halt Market Stall no. #01-21

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