Thursday 11 June 2015

Ice Cream U Scream at I Scream

After a hearty meal, a meal is never complete without having a nice dessert or ice cream.

 Here is a boutique ice cream cafe located at Bedok North nearby to the popular Bedok North Market & Food Centre at Block 85.

 Wow! I love their old school kind of design especially the chair and the scooter

 revolving case with a wide range of ice cream & sorbet!

They even have loyalty card to earn free desserts for their loyalty customers.
Yipee!! This really encourage us to come back more to earn our free desserts!

Sundae Menu

Waffle Menu, I always go for the crispy one as I love crispy food.

Combo promotion

Beer float Menu

And finally here is our waffle Ice Cream!
The reasons why we always come back here for its dessert its because of the 2 flavours of ice cream ram & raisins and yuzu pomelo sorbet which we seldom see it in any ice cream shops.
The 2 flavours is not only rare but also nice. We did tasted before the 2 flavours comparable to the one that I Scream sell but unfortunately the ice cream cafe no longer exist :( 
The Ice Cream shop name is Icekimo which closed in 2012 but luckily we are able to find ice cream flavours as nice as theirs.

Location: Blk 89 Bedok North Ave 4 #01-109 Singapore, Singapore 460089
Opening Hours: Mon to Sun, 3pm to 12am daily
Facebook page:

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