Sunday 14 June 2015

$10 for Homecook Korean Ginseng Chicken Soup (삼계탕SamGyeTang)

Cannot find any nice or authentic Korean Gingseng Chicken around? Why not cook it at home for around $10?

- 1 Whole Chicken
- 1/3 to 1/2 Cup of glutinous rice soak for at least 2hours 
- 1 Fresh Ginseng (if you can't you can buy the dry or premix genseng soup but we prefer the taste of using fresh ginseng)
-  8-9 Red Dates
- 1 Whole Garlic 
- 1-2 Stalk of Spring Onion
- 1 Chest Nuts (Optional)
- Small Fresh Abalone (Optional, quite a few ginseng chicken we tried in korea has abalone in it and we find it kind of nice)

Step 1) Clean the chicken. You can get either fresh or frozen chicken.

Step 2a) With ginseng soup premix, just stuff all the premix and glutinous rice inside
Step 2b) Without premix, you will need to stuff glutinous rice, ginseng, red dates, whole garlic and chest nuts(optional) inside the chicken.

At times you can get fresh ginseng at $4-$5 or 2 fresh ginseng for $9 from Giant. Personally I feel using fresh ginseng is nicer than premix.

 trying to make sure the ingredients don't come out
Now you can place the chicken in the pot and you are ready to cook it.

Step 3) Optional to put additional red dates, garlic and ginseng if you have excess ingredients which you cannot stuff into the chicken in the pot.

Step 4) Try to add enough water to cover the whole chicken but if your pot is not high enough like ours its ok as long as you can cover the pot.
Now boil the ginseng chicken for 20minutes at high heat.
After 20minutes high heat, boil the chicken at low heat for another 1hour and add water as and when to fill up the pot.

Step 5) your ginseng chicken soup is ready to serve!

You can have some side dish to go with you soup.
 Kimchi, squid and crab!

This is how it look like when you open up your chicken.

It is also nice to have pepper & salt for you to dip the chicken when you eat.

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