Wednesday 17 June 2015

Minions Craze!


Are you ready for the Minions Craze?
Mrs Meow is all ready with minions nails art!
On top that, Ms Meow get a pair of free MINIONS MOVIE TICKETS! WOOHOO~

Mrs Meow's nails is done at :
The Nailtistic
86 Club Street, Level 3
Singapore 069454

Manicurist is Ann. She is a very friendly and approachable lady.

How to get free Minions movie tickets? Simply follow the steps below:

Step 1: Download the Apps: Vanitee (The pink one :))

Step 2: Setting up the account. (You can link to your Facebook)

Step 3: Find and select the services or goods you want. (In this case, Mrs Meow choose NAILS)

 Step 4: Either filter by places or artists (if you know the shop).(Mrs Meow choose the Nailtistic)

Step 5: Select the services or goods. ( Mrs Meow choose Minions Nail Art)

Step 6: Select a date and time slot.

Step 7: You will be direct to a payment page where you enter credit card or paypal details.

Step 8: Enter promo code "MINION" to get a pair of Minions weekend movie ticket worth $25 (only eligible for Minions nail arts) or  "vanitee20b" to enjoy free $20 credits. (So Mrs Meow enter "MINION" to get my free movie tickets!)

So what are you waiting for?
Hurry and download it now!

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