Sunday 28 June 2015

Tiramisu Recipe - “pick-me-up”

There are several versions which claimed they are the origin and traditional Tiramisu. But the below story and origin is the one which I follow closely to make this Tiramisu. 

During World War in Italy, soldiers had to leave homeland for battle and their wife wanted to prepare a dessert full of love and is highly energetic to help their husband stay alive and to remember to come back home and pick his wife up. Therefore she uses the remainder ingredients such as sugar, eggs, cheese, biscuit as well as caffeine of espresso coffee for the energy and perhaps adding alcohol to help them stay calm and relax. She not only chooses their ingredients wisely but also name this dessert "Tiramisu" which mean "Pick me up" so that whenever their husband had a taste of Tiramisu on the war, he would think of his hometown and his beloved wife. He took away not only Tiramisu, but also the deeply love from his wife.

Long story short and below is my step by step recipe

- 2 tablespoons cocoa powder
Coffee dip
- 1&1/2 cups espresson coffee
- 2 teaspoons sugar
- 1/4 or 1/2 cup of liquor(rum/brandy)
Zabaglion filling
- 4 egg yolk
- 1/2 cup sugar
- 1/2 cup wine(Marsala but if you can't find, you can use any other sweet wine/dessert wine. For me I use moscato or ice wine as substitute)
- 500g mascarpone cheese
- 400g whipping cream
- 1 pack of ladyfinger biscuits(approximately 40 sticks)

All the ingredient needed are here

Step 1) Mix 4egg yolk, 1/2 cup sugar & 1/2 cup wine
 - Separate the yolk from the egg white so that you can get the yolk to use for Tiramisu

- Boil a pot of water use for double boil to slightly cook the egg(Optional step as some prefer to cook away the bacteria etc)
- After the egg yolk is slightly cook 
- add the 1/2 cup of sugar & 1/2 cup of wine and mix it well until fluffy

Step 2)  Add the mascarpone cheese to the mixture in step 1 until well mix

- add the mascarpone cheese to the mixture in step 1
 - mix well until it look like this

Step 3) Whisk the whipped cream until thicken in a new bowl
- Wisk until the cream thicken like the above

Step 4) Add the mixture in step 2 & 3 together
- Mixture in step2(egg, sugar, wine & mascarpone cheese) adding into mixture in step3(whipping cream)

Step 5) Zabaglion filling is ready!
- This is how it look like
Step 6) Prepare 1& 1/2 cup of  espresso coffee & add teaspoon of sugar(optional)

Step 7) Add 1/4 or 1/2 cup of liquor(rum/brandy) depends on your preference

Step 8) Now you are done with the coffee dip and I will usually pour it in the plate which is easier for me to dip the biscuit

Step 9)
soak ladyfinger biscuits one at a time for about 1 second into the coffee dip & place them to fill up the first layer of the mould/container/cups
 - 1st layer of soak lady finger biscuit on a 6inch round mould
 - try to fill up all gaps with soak biscuit

Step 10)
evenly distribute zabaglion cream over the soak ladyfinger biscuits

- pouring the zabaglion mixture

 - evenly distribute zabaglion

Step 11) Add cocoa powder until cover fully

Step 12) repeat step 9 follow by step 10 for second layer

 - putting the second layer biscuit follow by zabaglion
 - realised i got more than enough ingredients to make another 2 more containers

- totally with the ingredients I was able to make it on 2 containers and 1 6inch round mould

 Step 13) Refrigerate for about 3-4 hours

Step 14) After refrigerate for about 3-4 hours, sprinkle cocoa powder on top and its ready to serve!
 - Ready to be eaten!
 - Decide to decorate it with another pack of lady finger biscuit which i bought
 - Didn't know what to do with the 2 minions toys I got from mcdonalds so use it as my tiramisu decoration.

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