Saturday 27 June 2015

How I was able to complete 100km UltraMarathon

After looking at all the marathons coming up, really make me feel like sharing my thoughts and experience about my runs. I'm not good at sharing or expressing my thoughts but here is my long long post. :)

I'm not a trained marathon runner and I had never run any distance half of it before the run.
Hope my experience will inspire or help you guys to complete your run too.

Although I may have completed 2 marathons before this but to me, completing an ultra-marathon is just as hard as a marathon.

Let me start from sharing my 2 marathons experience before the run which have help me to gained the experience to complete this run.

My first marathon (42km Sundown marathon in 2008)
But we actually wanted to register for an ultra-marathon but unfortunately or should I say luckily it was full and so we can only register for 42km.
Guess what? I'm so daring to register for a marathon with no experience in running any distance more than 5km and which is about 8times my longest distance?

My friends are like me, we have not ran any distance which is half or even 1/8 of the distance and we are crazy enough to participate in a marathon. But what we did was to push one another to complete this run.

And guess what? We all was able to complete this run!

How it goes during this run is that we all ran together for about the first half of the run supporting one another and the next half running at our own pace. Luckily end we all was able to complete the run.

Here comes my second and my last full marathons (42km Standard Chartered Marathon)
At last 25m, one of my friend actually got a leg cramp!

This run to me its more fulfilling than my first marathon as we all was able to finish the run together although at a slower timing. What we did was the faster runner will slow down and support the slower. Somehow by doing this, the slower runner will try not to give up and run faster by worrying the faster runner may not complete the run. Although I know for my friends and I who run faster actually do not mind even if cannot complete the run.

With the same mindset in mind, my friend Moh Sing & I actually went for the ultra marathon and completed it!
Therefore I will say being supportive and having a supportive running buddy during the run can really help you to complete the run. Perhaps without us being supportive to one another, we would not have completed it. During the run, I walked and ran for the first 50km and typically walked for the the next 50km.

But of cause other than the above tips below are some other tips which may help you to complete the run
1) Drink Isotonic drinks instead of plain water during run(as I find drinking water make me bloated and abdominal pain when i run)
2) Run at a comfortable speed and rest when needed(I will rest and walk whenever I feel tire rather then run the whole run at a constant speed. I feel this way is actually more efficient.)
3) Rest well before the run

I find running a marathon is really like living a life. Although sometimes you are able to reach your goal faster but by slowing your pace supporting your friends or love ones to achieve the same goal feels more fulfilling. And as for those who are slower, with the support and help of your friends or loves ones you can achieve greater heights you never expect you can do.

Although ever since, I have not join any distance like a marathon but I got more friends to join us for different kind of runs and completing it together. Knowing with the support and help from one another, we will definitely complete all kind of runs together.

Vertical Marathon
 Hello Kitty Run

If given the time and commitment, I will definitely want to complete more marathons with my friends and love ones.

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