Wednesday 8 July 2015

Men's Beauty (CC Cream Vs BB Cream)

Below is a video and post comparing the difference between CC Cream and BB Cream.

One reason why I uses CC Cream and BB Cream is to protect my skin. Both CC Cream and BB Cream contains SPF which helps to protect against the sun ultraviolet which can be harmful for your skin over time.

Another reason is to make my skin looks more flawless by concealing pimples or dark eye circles.

As for men, most of us are not very knowledgeable when comes to beauty products. So here I'm to compare the 2 products to see which may be more suitable for you.

Left side the white cream is CC Cream and the Right is BB Cream.

 This is me without putting anything on my face. May look a bit flawless but there are still pimple spot which I will like to conceal.

 After applying CC Cream on my left face and BB Cream on my right face. You can see my complexion look much better compare to without anything.
As for my CC Cream and BB Cream make up, I'm not sure if you can see any difference.
But personally I think CC cream looks more natural which blend in with your skin colour and BB colour looks thicker which helps you to conceal your pimples better but less blending to your skin.

 Side by side comparison

The Face Shop CC Cream

 Skin9 BB Cream

Sometimes I will also use concealer to better conceal my pimples or dark eye circle which cannot be conceal by both CC cream or BB cream.

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