Tuesday 30 June 2015

Ice Cream Recipe - with only 2 ingredients

Yes you can homemade very easy and delicious ice cream with only need 2 ingredients!

- Whipping Cream (600ml)
- Condensed milk (400ml)

Optional Ingredients for flavor
- Brandy & Raisin (2 tablespoon brandy, 2packet raisin)
- Oreo Cookies (9 Oreo cookies Crushed)
- Mango Puree (3-4 tablespoon)
- Yuzu Syrup (3-4 tablespoon)

Step 1) Whisk 600ml whipped cream until thicken in a new bowl

 Step 2) Add the whole can of 400ml condensed milk and mix well

Step 3) For plain ice cream you can put inside container and freeze the mixture and once freeze its ready to eat!

Step 4) For those that want to add flavor can follow my ratio below

I split the whole mixture into 4 container equally

Step 4a) Brandy & Raisin

 2 tablespoon brandy
 2 packet raisin

Step 4b) Oreo Cookies
Add 9 oreo cookies into a plastic
 crushed it

Step 4c) Add 3-4 tablespoon mango puree

Step 4d) Add 3-4 tablespoon Yuzu syrup

Step 5) Freeze the ice cream overnight for best result

Step 6) Ready to eat!

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